Penguin Diplomacy - the life story of Brian Roberts
polar explorer, Antarctic treaty maker and wildlife conservationist


Penguin Diplomacy


Prologue: Surviving an Antarctic blizzard with no tent

Part 1: The Explorer

1.   Family background and early childhood
2.   Adventurous Alpine motoring
3.   Seabirds and small islands around the British Isles
4.   A Nordic introduction to the Arctic
5.   Necessary evils: school and university
6.   Through slush and lava desert
7.   Hitching a lift with Charcot to Musk Ox Land
8.   Three years in the Antarctic: the BGLE

Part 2: The Mandarin

9.   Wartime
10. Early years of the British Antarctic Survey
11. Antarctic maps and Whitehall rumblings
12. The battle of the Ice Shelf
13. Crisis at the Polar Institute
14. The Foreign Office and the birth of the Antarctic Treaty
15. The historic Antarctic conference in Washington

Part 3: The Diplomat

16. Rolling round Antarctica with Uncle Sam
17. The beginnings of Antarctic conservation
18. Islands of Paradise and Desolation
19. Navigating seal conservation through political rocks
20. The road to Camalar
21. The Arctic problem
22. The British Antarctic Survey comes of age
23. A surfeit of polar information